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XENA Surveyor

Complete ready-to-operate solution for centimetric urban surveying

  • yellowscan-altigator-xena-surveyor-forest-management-mapping-cartography-uav-droneLiDAR is among the most reliable and efficient technology currently used by surveyor experts worldwide. Thanks to its multi-echo capability, it allows to scan even through vegetation.

    Heavy and large sensors in their first versions, today’s LiDAR have been greatly miniaturized in order to become ultra-light and compact sensors that can be easily embarked by AltiGator drones.

    Embedding the world’s lightest LiDAR

    Thanks to its technical characteristics and performance, the XENA Surveyor is the ultimate system for performing quality topographic, cartographic and laser-scanning LiDAR surveys.

    Nowadays, this solution is being operated in numerous fields including archaeology, quarries and minerals, urban planning, transport planning, mapping and cartography, etc.

    As a matter of fact, the XENA Surveyor is a professional, robust and versatile drone. It easily embarks the YellowScan Surveyor, two echoes complete LiDAR sensor. Thanks to the XENA embedded electronics, many security as well as flight automation features are ensuring to accomplish missions with ease and safely.

    Made for centimetric urban surveys

    XENA is a foldable and compact drone that is easily carried in its hard handy suitcase. It runs with only one universal battery, which greatly simplify operations on the field.

    In addition of being a smart-sized system, the XENA Surveyor is extremely lightweight with a Take-Off Weight of only 5.6 Kg. This particularity makes it the perfect system for surveys performed in urban areas.

    The XENA Surveyor is a made in Europe drone that fulfills all the necessary requirements for an aircraft operating in the European sky.

    • Topography
    • Archaeology
    • Civil engineering and structures
    • Forestry
    • Mining and quarries
    • Corridor mapping (power lines, pipelines, etc.)
    • Road, Airport and Railway construction
    • Environment research
    • Urban planning

  • XENA Surveyor
    chronometerFlight timeUp to 25 min
    weight-toolTake-Off Weight5.6 Kg
    weatherMax continuous wind speed50 Km/h
    snowed-mountainsMax operating altitude (AMSL)5000 m
    patentDGLV certified (Belgium)Classe 1a
    patentDGAC certified (France)S1, S2 and S3

    YellowScan Surveyor
    LaserClass 1
    Wavelength905 nm
    Max range50 m typ. 100 m abs.
    Precision4 cm
    Accuracy5 cm
    Scanning field of view360°
    Multi-echo technologyup to 2 echoes per shot
    220 channels GNSSGPS, Glonass, BeiDou
    Georeferencingin RTK or PPK mode
    Operating temperature-20°C to +50°C
    Max recommended flight altitude (AGL)80 m
    Recommended flight speed10 - 30 Km/h
    Swath30 - 120 m

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    LiDAR scanningSurveillance & SecurityTechnical inspectionsHeavy sensor liftingThermographyPrecision agricultureSearch & RescuePhotogrammetryBroadcastReal estateCinemaPhotographyOther

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