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servicesIn addition to manufacturing high end professional systems for UAV operators, AltiGator provides a series of useful services.

Indeed, our goal is to ensure that our customers are performing their missions in the best possible conditions. This can be achieved by providing training, on-field assistance, tuning, customization and maintenance offers.

AltiGator team of instructors, engineers and UAV experts are dedicated to provide these services.


aerial-services-data-acquisition-drone-uav-uas-rpas-professionalAerial services

Performing data record missions with UAVs

Thanks to its extensive experience, flight authorizations and professional systems, AltiGator is able to perform a broad range of aerial data acquisition by drone.

AltiGator is used to missions where safety, quality and efficiency are crucial. Simply provide us details about your projects while contacting us.

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From beginner to RPL-R license holder

UAVs are authentic aircraft. This implies a serious practical and theoretical training in order to ensure the pilot can manage its system perfectly during missions.

In addition to that, AltiGator is a certified learning center, authorized to provide training  about Agisoft PhotoScan software.

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custom-made-system-sensor-mount-uav-drone-uas-rpas-sur-mesureCustom made

UAV systems and sensor mounts

Many sensors have a great interest into being lifted up in the air. Thanks to UAVs, this is something that can be achieved for any payload.

AltiGator has the know-how, skills and materials needed to give wings to your project, especially for uncommon sensors.

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maintenance-repair-reparation-drone-uav-uas-rpasUpgrade, maintenance and repair

Efficient assistance

As a genuine UAV manufacturer, AltiGator has the necessary skills, experience and knowledge required for performing maintenance and repair operations on OnyxStar drones.

In addition to that, upgrades for OnyxStar systems can be performed as they are modular UAVs. Some operations may also be performed on third party systems.

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