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onyxstar_drone_uav_tower_transmission_mobile_data_inspection_monitoringThanks to the technological watch performed by our engineers, our systems are always offering the most advanced features. Indeed, our drones are professional solutions that are constantly improved by our R&D department, in order to enhance their efficiency.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, AltiGator drones are genuine aircrafts, built with the same dedication and precision required in the commercial aircraft industry. This explains why our UAVs are efficient, safe, multivalent and reliable tools.

Safety and operational features embedded are the reason why so many professional drone operators have already chosen AltiGator for their aerial operations, no matter how specific the sensor can be (from the lightest to the most valuable).

Choosing a drone implies to precisely define the required capacities for the expected operations (lifting capability, flight time, weather conditions resistance, functionnalities, etc.). In addition to that, a certificate can be required by Civil Aviation Authorities in order to allow the commercial use of drones. Hopefully, AltiGator offers fully tested and approved systems.