Drone custom made solutions

onyxstar fox c8 xt red dragon digital camera ultra high definition drone uav cinema 1 300x200 - Drone custom made solutionsNumerous kind of sensors can be of interest to be lifted by drones. In such cases, some specific adaption and work is often needed in order to ensure the success of new projects.

Because every sensor has its own characteristics in terms of weight, size and connectors, it is necessary to design adapted mounts for each of them.

In other words, being able to build custom made solutions as entire systems or mounts tailored to a specific project is one of AltiGator’ strength, in accordance to our customer dedication standards.

Thanks to our resources and our engineering department, we are able to design and manufacture any necessary elements to carry a specific sensor in the air and also completely tailored made drones, in accordance to particular requirements.

Among our skills are present:

  • Engineering department
  • Designing and manufacturing of custom made systems
  • Designing and manufacturing of camera gimbals
  • Designing and manufacturing of sensor mounts

IMG 4619 v2 300x200 - Drone custom made solutionsSeveral projects have already been achieved in this area. Among them are present:

  • Drone with on-top gimbal for inspection tasks
  • Gimbal and mount for AisaKESTREL 10 and AisaKESTREL 16 hyperspectral cameras from Specim
  • Mount for YellowScan Mapper (LiDAR)
  • 3-axes brushless gimbal for RED Dragon 6K digital camera
  • Mount for YellowScan Surveyor (LiDAR)
  • 2-axes brushless gimbal for DSLR cameras
  • Anti-vibration mounts for gimbals
  • etc

FOX UAV Transmissions 1 - Drone custom made solutions