technology 2 150x150 - TechnologiesEveryday AltiGator is working on bringing new technologies to its systems.

Thanks to a multitude of drone embedded sensors and the combination of today’s cutting edge technologies, our UAVs totally cover the needs of professional drone operators.

AltiGator balances the importance of today’s most technologically advanced solutions with a sustainable approach. Because of they are modular and upgradable, our UAVs remain cutting-edge solutions integrating latest development from drone industry.

This fulfills our goal to supply only the best to our customers.


rtk real time kinematics ppk post processed drone uav uas rpas 300x225 - TechnologiesRTK / PPK

Real-Time Kinematics / Post-Processed Kinematics

Reaching a centimeter level positioning accuracy in the data collected during UAV aerial operations is essential for some applications like geomatics-related ones.

In order to reach this accuracy, our UAVs can be equipped with a multi-constellation GNSS receiver having GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, SBAS and QZSS reception. The use of the accuracy provided by this receiver can be either realtime in RTK (with corrections sent live from a ground base or network) or post-processed in PPK (based on data corrections retrieved later).

The GNSS receiver can also provide position information to the UAV allowing to benefit from stronger satellite link, anti-jamming and more accurate flights.


sensor payload integration uav drone uas rpas professional 300x225 - TechnologiesPayload integration

Obtain more from the flying payload

AltiGator is specialized in developing custom made solutions for unusual payloads, sensors and applications. In addition to physical integration of a payload and its accessories, it is possible to create a data link between the UAV and the sensor (GPS coordinates by example).

Thanks to that, it is possible to better operate a payload, by providing it as many information and care needed so that it can works in the most suitable conditions.


hd encrypted video stream uav uas rpas drone professional 300x225 - TechnologiesHD encrypted video stream

Real-time high definition video

Many UAV operations require to have a strong and efficient live video link from the UAV point of view. Our systems can be equipped with a series of reliable and high quality materials adapted to different needs and situations.

For some cases, distances may require long range video equipment and other cases may require privacy and security of video stream. Every case is different and AltiGator aims at fulfill them at best.


multiple telemetry links drone uav uas rpas professional 300x225 - TechnologiesMultiple telemetry streams

Real-time UAV status information

Having as much information as possible is essential to allow UAV pilots to operate in the best conditions. For instance, by being far from the system, an operator need telemetry information to ensure safety and efficiency of his mission.

AltiGator UAVs are equipped with several systems providing real time data concerning the most critical information like position and battery level as well as many additional details (ground speed, altitude, heading, etc.). This telemetry can be retrieved on several devices and can be of long range kind.


redundancy electronics mechanics uav drone uas rpas professional 300x225 - TechnologiesRedundancy

Sensors, electronics & mechanics

Most AltiGator UAVs can be enhanced with redundant flight electronics in order to fulfill the safety standards for the most demanding operations and scenarios. In such case, there is a second flight electronics set that takes control in case there is issues coming from primary set.

In addition to that, our UAVs are designed in a way that single failures are compensated. This means it will be possible to perform emergency landings thanks to the reliability and conception of mechanics.


laser altimeter agl altitude uav drone uas rpas professional 300x225 - TechnologiesLaser altimeter

Precision AGL data

In standard configuration, UAVs are working with barometric altimeters to define their current height, based on the take-off ground elevation. This is usually enough for most drone operations as missions are mostly on a “relative” altitude basis.

However, some cases are requiring the UAV to be precisely aware of its current AGL height (above ground level). This is an upgrade that can be brought to most AltiGator systems.


tethered flights uav drone uas rpas professional 300x225 - TechnologiesTethered flights

Unlimited flight time

For really specific missions, unlimited flight time with a UAV from an almost static location is necessary. For this matter the UAV will be powered by a ground generator via an extensible cable, allowing to benefit from the 360° drone movement for a really long period.

The XENA has been successfully tested with this solution, which makes it a perfect fit for specific operations like demonstration or public events for example.


camera trigger uav drone uas rpas professional 300x225 - TechnologiesCamera trigger

Camera operations from the ground

In order to save camera battery and to make operations more efficient, our UAVs can be configured to offer manual, automatic or both camera trigger functions. In addition to that, it is generally possible to switch from picture to video in flight and to have control over zoom function of the device.

Therefore, depending on the use planned of the camera, AltiGator configures the system to make drone operators life easier and operations time effective.


parachute emergency system drone uav uas rpas 300x225 - TechnologiesParachute systems

Emergency safety kit

UAV regulation can greatly vary from a country to another. For instance, some may require to have a parachute system installed on the UAV in order to have the right to perform certain kind of operations. Such rules generally imply additional devices to have the system certified.

AltiGator is able to integrate such parachute emergency systems when necessary. Simply inform us of the specificity of your regulation when contacting us.