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Airport automatic landing systems (IL...

Airport automatic landing systems (ILS) calibration using drones
AltiGator and skyguide use drones for the calibration and maintenance of airport automatic landing systems OnyxStar® ATLAS is world’s first drone to perform ILS check flights Flight navigation systems are essential in a world where the global air traffic growths continuously. These systems enable Air navigation service providers to ensu [...]

Drones: the new tool used by Police f...

Drones: the new tool used by Police forces
  Over the time, the Police forces’ needs have evolved to adapt to the variety of different situations that may arise on the field. Drones are decidedly one of the best new tools made available to the Police forces. Only a few years ago, when drones appeared on the market, the Police forces leaders still did not imagine the added [...]

Drone thermography for agronomic rese...

Drone thermography for agronomic research and crop control
XENA drone over crops for precision agriculture combining thermal imaging and RTK GNSS high precision positioning Precision agriculture nowadays uses data from satellite images, sensors in the ground, weather stations, etc. but also multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal sensors. The thermographic survey by drone makes possible to support t [...]

Post-processing software for drone ae...

Post-processing software for drone aerial photogrammetry and geographic information systems (GIS)
XENA Geo – Complete solution for GeomaticsAcquiring a professional drone system with the appropriate sensor for aerial photogrammetry is the first step in the process that will take you to the expected result. This choice is obviously decisive since the quality of the photos and the calculation of the images overlap are the first key [...]

AltiGator integrates Septentrio’s RTK...

As a leading European UAV manufacturer and RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) integrator, AltiGator has selected the Septentrio’s AsteRx-m UAS technology to provide centimeter-level RTK positioning. When carrying out inspections of wind-turbines, high-power lines, industrial buildings, for example,  RTK can provide not only the ne [...]

Tethered flights with drone

UAVs are multivalent tools that can perform more and more professional applications. Thanks to their stability, mobility and lifting capability, our drones are already operated on a broad range of missions from aerial surveillance to airborne LiDar scanning. UAVs success rely on the cost reduction together with the speed of implementation the [...]

Aerial power line inspection

Aerial power line inspection
  Nowadays, power lines inspections are performed by remote sector tests, binocular inspection from the ground and heavy crane intervention for final stages. Because most of the lines are located in areas difficult to access, current methods used are costly and time consuming. In order to perform quicker and more accurate power line mon [...]

AltiGator – First Belgian drone...

AltiGator – First Belgian drone manufacturer with solutions certified by the DGLV
The regulation allowing the commercial exploitation of drones in Belgium was released in the late April 2016. Due to specific articles contained in this law, AltiGator became the first Belgian multirotor manufacturer with drones certified by the DGLV (National Civil Aviation Authorities of Belgium). After two years of elaboration, the civil d [...]

HYDRA-12, the Heavy lifter multirotor...

HYDRA-12, the Heavy lifter multirotor UAV
Unmanned Aircraft Systems are modern tools offering endless possibilities. This is asserted by the quick development together with their increasing presence for professional tasks and on media. The core interest of commercial drones is their lifting ability. In other words, being able to carry sensors in the air, in order to easily perform me [...]

A drone to rescue immigrants

A drone to rescue immigrants
Night vision drone launched from a boat A dangerous sea crossing at night The road of immigrants to Western Europe includes most of the time crossing the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece. This crossing is probably the most dangerous stage of the long refugees trek and the growing number of victims, regularly reported by the medias, rein [...]