Unmanned Solutions


We provide UAV integrated solutions

Because every sensor has its own characteristics in terms of weight, size and connectivity, it is necessary to design an adapted drone for each of them.

Being able to engineer custom made solutions as integrated systems tailored to a specific project is one of AltiGator’s strength, in accordance to our customer dedication standards.

Certified drones to meet every UAV project particular need

A specific UAV for your project


European UAV manufacturer

AltiGator is a European unmanned solutions manufacturer

Our drones are certified and built following the Europeans standards.


Drone LiDAR manufacturer

We develop and manufacture our own LiDAR sensors


Drone services

AltiGator has the necessary equipment and qualified personnel to perform drone services for every need:

Photogrammetry Surveys

We take care of your entire drone photogrammetry project. These operations can also be combined with LiDAR surveys

Technical Inspections

Our drones are able to embed any type of specific sensors in order to perform your technical inspections from the air

LiDAR Surveys

We develop and manufacture our own LiDAR sensors that we employ to conduct your aerial surveys at any place around the world


Equipped with a high quality radiometric thermal imaging sensor, our UAVs will collect highly accurate data for your project

Aerial Imaging

Aerial photographs and videos for any use: urban planning, real estate, industrial inspection, cinema, advertising and many other areas

Training and Education

Pilot training and use of professional software education: to be able to perform automated navigation, photogrammetry and UAV aerial sensing in general


Professional Drones

Versatile and scalable, our drones adapt to all of your needs, integrating perfectly in every project


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