Acquiring new equipment generally implies to undertake dedicated technical training sessions. Indeed, it is necessary to get acquainted with procedures, software and other tips related to new material. This allows to use it at its maximum potential and to get expected results.

This is why AltiGator has a multilingual and multidisciplinary team of qualified and pedagogical instructors. Our staff is training you to become autonomous, precise and efficient for your future challenges. We are able to either initiate a new domain or  deepen your knowledge.

Training provided are tailored to participants’ needs and level. They can be given on-site.

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agisoft metashape pro drone uav uas rpas photogrammetry software - TrainingAgisoft Metashape Pro (Photoscan)

As being a complete and accessible photogrammetry software, Agisoft Metashape Pro (Photoscan) has numerous functionnalities. This makes it a useful, powerful and complete tool.

In addition to being an Agisoft Metashape reseller, AltiGator is approved training centre. We are skilled to teach you how to make the most efficient use of all the features this software provide.

Thanks to our lessons, our tips and other practical exercises,  you will be able to make a better use of this photogrammetry software. In the end, you will easily generate geotagged orthophotos, DTM (Digital Terrain Model), DSM (Digital Surface Model), DEM (Digital Elevation Model), etc.

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OnyxStar takeover

onyxstar takeover training session - Training

This module is necessary in case you purchase an OnyxStar system and that you already have sufficient drone piloting proficiency.

It aims at providing a smooth transition on new equipment by discovering how to manage and exploit the system capabilities. This training includes numerous parts like material introduction, flight planning method, automated flights operations, maintenance, security checks to perform, etc.

Practical training then is provided by giving you control of the drone for a series of test flights. Our instructor remains close to you for assistance during these flights until you master the drone.

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Aerial photogrammetry is a science requiring rigorous preparation. This is mandatory in order to get quality output and to make the work process as efficient and smooth as possible.

Among the many important parameters when planning a mission are flight height depending on the GSD (Ground Sample Distance) as well as camera settings. It is necessary to have extensive knowledge in these fields to be able to quickly produce efficient and accurate data.

AltiGator is skilled to provide such a training. It will give you all the necessary keys allowing you to perform aerial photogrammetry missions.

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Professional drone pilot

altigator onyxstar drone pilot piloting uav rpas training learning traineeship - TrainingDrones are tools having numerous sensors and features allowing them to fly partially autonomously. Since it is little aware of its environment, drones require operator supervision.

In order to ensure safety of missions in every case, the operator must be able to take back control at any time in order to change drone trajectory or to bring it back manually. This makes the drone operator a genuine professional pilot.

Our instructors are skilled to provide rigorous, complete and adapted professional drone pilot training. Thanks to our experience, tips and exercises, anyone is able to reach satisfactory proficiency for Aviation authorities, insurance companies and your customers.

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UgCS Pro

altigator ugcs universal ground control station drone uav training belgium europe 300x225 - Training

UgCS is the best tool for flight planning, management and monitoring. This universal ground control software for drones is compatible with all the most common autopilots.

PRO version allows professional drone operators and surveyors to easily create and perform automated flights thanks to the intuitive an graphical interface of the flight planning tool. Thanks to the photogrammetry feature you can import buildings, Digital Elevation Models (DEM), KML files and geotagged images in order to personalize the map.

In addition to being an official UgCS distributor, AltiGator is also an approved training centre. In other words, our instructors are skilled to teach you how to make a complete use of this software having countless possibilities. Thanks to the tips and exercises performed, you will fully master this complete and useful flight planning and management software.

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