FOX-C8 XT Observer

Complete RTF solution for aerial surveillance

onyxstar drone uav fox c8 xt long flight time extended - FOX-C8 XT Observer

  • onyxstar security surveillance drone uav hd zoom car plate plaque immatriculation - FOX-C8 XT ObserverVideo surveillance is vital and irreplaceable for security professionals. Having a complete and precise idea of a situation provides a clear advantage when time is short and decisions need to be taken.

    Because they can easily lift surveillance kind cameras while being able to move to a subject or remain in stationary state, drones have quickly been introduced to security missions. Indeed, they offer real-time aerial view of a situation at reasonable cost.

    Quick aerial viewpoint

    Thanks to its technical characteristics and performance, the FOX-C8 XT Observer is the ultimate tool for performing long surveillance and security monitoring missions from the sky. It is a powerful and efficient system, built to operate in demanding weather conditions. As a matter of fact, it has been successfully tested under rain and with a continuous wind of 30 Km/h average.

    The FOX-C8 XT Observer is a professional, robust and versatile system, embedding a dual camera gimbal offering both day and night vision. With a powerful zoom (up to 40x), it allows to identify subjects at more than 2 Km of distance. The infrared camera allows to operate in night time or low visibility environment.

    night infrared ir infrarouge image video drone uav security surveillance onyxstar - FOX-C8 XT ObserverEfficient and discrete system

    The FOX-C8 XT is a vigorous drone that offers a great flight time thanks to its slow flight technology. It runs with two external batteries, which allows refueling phases as short as 2 minutes.

    In addition of embedding a quality EO/IR gimbal, the FOX-C8 XT Observer can be set up in a discrete configuration for those needing a stealth system. This particularity makes it the perfect drone for any kind of security mission.

    The FOX-C8 XT Observer is a made in Europe drone that fulfills all the necessary requirements for an aircraft operating in the European sky.

  • XENA ObserverVersion 1Version 2
    chronometer - FOX-C8 XT ObserverFlight timeUp to 37 minUp to 35 min
    weight tool - FOX-C8 XT ObserverTake-Off Weight11.5 Kg12 Kg
    weather - FOX-C8 XT ObserverMax continuous wind speed12.5 m/s12.5 m/s
    snowed mountains - FOX-C8 XT ObserverMax operating altitude (AMSL)5000 m5000 m
    security camera - FOX-C8 XT ObserverPan360°360°
    security camera - FOX-C8 XT ObserverTilt360°360°
    security camera - FOX-C8 XT ObserverDay cameraSony FCB-EX15EPSony FCB EV7500
    security camera - FOX-C8 XT ObserverInfrared cameraFLIR Quark 2 / 640FLIR Quark 2 / 640
    security camera - FOX-C8 XT ObserverSpectral band7.5 - 13.5 µm7.5 - 13.5 µm
    security camera - FOX-C8 XT ObserverVideo outputNTSC or PALFull HD 1080p, NTSC or PAL
    security camera - FOX-C8 XT ObserverStabilization< 150 µrad< 200 µrad
    patent - FOX-C8 XT ObserverDGLV certified (Belgium)Classe 1aClasse 1a
    patent - FOX-C8 XT ObserverDGAC certified (France)S1 and S2S1 and S2
    two settings cogwheels - FOX-C8 XT ObserverFunctionnalities


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