altigator services drones uav 1 150x150 - ServicesIn addition to designing and manufacturing high end professional UAV systems for drone operators, AltiGator provides several services.

As our goal is to ensure that our customers reach their objectives, we supply numerous services like drone training, custom-made solutions, maintenance and aerial service provision.

AltiGator team of instructors, engineers and UAV experts dedicates its skills, know-how and professionalism to perform these services.


aerial services data acquisition drone uav uas rpas professional - ServicesAerial services provision

Performing data record missions with UAVs

Thanks to the extensive experiences of its certified pilots and its drone fleet, AltiGator is able to perform a broad range of aerial data acquisition by drone.

AltiGator is the most qualified operator for performing tasks with a demanding level of safety, quality and efficiency.

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drone uav uas rpas training rpl license belgium belgique belgie - ServicesDrone operator training

Flying, data capturing and processing

UAVs are useful tools when operated to their maximum capabilities. AltiGator instructors provide complete training sessions on several topics in order to allow you working efficiently. 

In addition to drone flying training, AltiGator is a certified learning center, authorized to provide training for Agisoft PhotoScan Pro software.

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custom made system sensor mount uav drone uas rpas sur mesure - ServicesResearch & Development

Custom-made for UAV special projects

Many sensors have a great interest of being lifted up in the air. Thanks to UAVs, this can be achieved for more and more devices.

AltiGator is a multidisciplinary team that puts its know-how, skills, tools and materials to your service in order to design drone systems tailored to your specific use. Even for the most uncommon sensors, AltiGator gives wings to your projects.

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maintenance repair reparation drone uav uas rpas - ServicesUpgrade, maintenance and repair

Multitasking assistance

As a genuine UAV manufacturer, AltiGator has the necessary skills and tools required for performing updates, maintenance and repair operations on drones, especially OnyxStar ones.

In addition to that, hardware and software upgrades can be performed to UAVs like OnyxStar that are modular. Some operations may also be performed on third party systems.

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