Features of our drones

features 150x150 - Features of our dronesOur UAVs are high-end solutions delivered ready-to-fly. Able to carry up to 12 Kg of payload and to operate even during demanding meteorological conditions, AltiGator systems are built to get the work done.

Thanks to the robustness of their carbon fiber frame and the cutting-edge flight electronics embedded, our UAVs are authentic aircrafts having countless features. As a matter of fact, these features have been developed regarding four main topics:

  • increase SECURITY
  • SIMPLIFY operations
  • AUTOMATE flights


  • FeaturesDescription
    telemetry 150x150 - Features of our dronesLive telemetryComplete and realtime data are available for instant monitoring. It can be followed thanks to a tablet or computer.
    encryption 150x150 - Features of our dronesEncryption
    Discretion and data protection can be necessary. In such case, it is possible to benefit from encrypted data like for the video link.
    gnss receiver 150x150 - Features of our dronesNextgen GNSSThanks to GNSS receivers integrating latest positioning systems like Galileo, our systems have reliable, high speed and strong satellite link. This ensures quality positioning information at all time.
    alerts 150x150 - Features of our dronesAlertsA range of alerts helps the pilot by warning him about important matters like altitude limits, battery level, etc.
    come back home 150x150 - Features of our dronesBack homeIf necessary, the UAV can be called back to its starting position by using the back home feature.
    emergency landing spot 150x150 - Features of our dronesEmergency landing spotsIn case the UAV is far away and an emergency landing is necessary, it lands to a known and safe location, as defined prior to departure.
    geofencing 150x150 - Features of our dronesGeofencingAirspace is divided and shared. Geofencing enforces the respect of this by setting a virtual cage in which the system is allowed to fly. Indeed, it keeps the system from exiting the specific operational airspace.
    forbidden flight area 150x150 - Features of our dronesForbidden flight zone displayAirspace is strictly codified. This is why getting information related to forbidden flight zones is essential.
    emergency failsafe 150x150 - Features of our dronesEmergency failsafe recoveryIn case battery drops to a critical limit or contact is lost with the UAV, emergency failsafe procedures will be executed. They allow to ensure system's integrity automatically like by performing automatic emergency landings.
    data logging 150x150 - Features of our dronesFlight data loggingFor post-flight analysis purposes, system's data are stored internally, on a microSD card. Logged in high frequency, these data contains relevant information including position, height, speed, voltage, attitude, flight mode, current, temperature, pilot inputs, IMU values, etc. Thanks to this, it is possible to make and verify hypothesis.
    mechanical redundancy 150x150 - Features of our dronesMechanical redundancyOur systems are built in the way that single failures are managed.
    flight controller redundancy 150x150 - Features of our dronesRedundant flight control [option]For safety enhancement, our UAVs can be equipped with a second independent flight control board.
    holding position 150x150 - Features of our dronesHold positionOur systems can fly autonomously, while maintaining dynamic position and altitude. It gives the pilot time to think about next steps of his mission or to monitor his environment.
    dual command 150x150 - Features of our dronesDual commandFor training purposes, our UAVs can be flown in double command, allowing a trainee and an instructor to practice safely.
    carefree 150x150 - Features of our dronesCarefreeIf necessary, Carefree features can be activated. It makes the system flies in Pilot point of view, meaning it moves depending on the pilot position.

  • FeaturesDescription
    easy mapping autogrid 150x150 - Features of our dronesEasy mappingThanks to the user friendly flight planning software, mapping missions can be quickly and automatically built. It is made based on several features including altitude, overlap, ground sample distance (GSD) needed, etc.
    geotagging 1 150x150 - Features of our dronesGeotaggingIn order to make post-processing in photogrammetry software faster, geotagging of images based for missions made with automatic trigger is available.
    rtk rpk re post processed kinematics 150x150 - Features of our dronesPost-Processed Kinematics (PPK) [option]For applications requiring high accuracy and precision, our systems can be equipped with high-end GNSS receivers that enhance geotagging precision.
    acc - Features of our dronesCamera stabilizationDepending on the needs, cameras and sensors delivered with our systems can benefit from 1, 2 or 3-axis camera stabilization and control.
    sensor trigger remote 150x150 - Features of our dronesSensor triggerIn addition to camera trigger, it is possible to trigger a broad kind of sensor thanks to the available PWM ouputs.
    telemetry info picture taken 150x150 - Features of our dronesTelemetry infoLocation of camera trigger is indicated on the telemetry map. It allows to monitor that the mission is going according to the plan.
    automatic trigger 150x150 - Features of our dronesAutotriggerFor most common uses, our systems are configured for automatic triggering of pictures. This allows to greatly simplify mapping missions.
    point of interest navigation 150x150 - Features of our dronesPOI navigationFor missions requiring to point at targets with a sensor, mission planning system allows to automatically fulfill this requirement.
    live video link 150x150 - Features of our dronesLive video link [option]In order to monitor the mission and UAV environment during the flight, HD live video link is available.
    geotagging 150x150 - Features of our dronesDynamic position holdAmong the numerous flight modes and features, our systems can be set in dynamic position hold, meaning it keeps a 3D position that can be manually updated by the UAV pilot.
    save a tracking shot 150x150 - Features of our dronesSave a tracking shotFor specific operations requiring to focus on special areas, a tracking shot performed manually can be saved in-flight for further repetition of the mission.
    camera control 150x150 - Features of our dronesCamera controlIn addition to camera trigger, it is also possible to control the zoom and switch to video recording depending on the camera model embedded.

  • FeaturesDescription
    gnss receiver 150x150 - Features of our dronesGNSS navigationThanks to several positioning system available (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidu, etc.), our UAVs perform GNSS-assisted missions.
    save a tracking shot 150x150 - Features of our dronesWaypoint flyingThe most common operation performed with UAVs depends on 3D coordinates (longitude, latitude and altitude).
    automatic landing and take off 150x150 - Features of our dronesAuto take-off &
    Our systems can perform fully automated flights including take-off and landing.
    click and fly 150x150 - Features of our dronesClick & FlyThe system can be sent to a specific location by a simple click on a tablet or a computer.
    rtk rpk re post processed kinematics 150x150 - Features of our dronesReal-Time Kinematics (RTK) [option]When absolute precision and accuracy matters during flight, our systems have the possibility to offer RTK level positioning information.
    point of interest navigation 150x150 - Features of our dronesPOI navigationFor missions requiring to point at targets with a sensor, mission planning system allows to automatically fulfill this requirement.
    easy mapping autogrid 150x150 - Features of our dronesAutogridAmong the automated flights that can be planned, autogrid and circles are available options.
    altitude hold 150x150 - Features of our dronesTerrain following [option]For operations requiring to follow the ground level, our systems can be equipped with a precision laser altimeter.
    terrain following 150x150 - Features of our dronesAltitude holdThis flight mode is designed for complex missions requiring altitude hold assistance.
    take off from boat uav 150x150 - Features of our dronesBoat mode [advanced]This is an advanced feature that allows the pilot to initialize the solid state gyroscopes for safe flight even when the drone is resting on a moving boat or platform.

  • FeaturesDescription
    high end electronics 150x150 - Features of our dronesHigh-end electronicsEmbedded flight and navigation electronics are among the best currently available. Offering countless useful features, it has been successfully tested and validated by our pilots.
    nanoscale sensor 150x150 - Features of our dronesNano-scale sensorsThe high-end embedded electronics of our systems includes nano-scale sensors including magnetometers, barometers, accelerometers, etc.
    modular system 150x150 - Features of our dronesModular infrastructureOur systems are made to be lasting investments. Therefore, they can be upgraded with additional modules at a later time of first delivery.
    rational design 150x150 - Features of our dronesRational designFor efficiency, reliability and safety reasons, our UAVs benefit from rational design. In other words, they are built to be sustainable equipment.
    flight controller redundancy 150x150 - Features of our dronesRedundancy
    In addition to the redundancy of the sensors, our systems can be equipped with redundant electronics for safety enhancement.
    backwards compatibility 150x150 - Features of our dronesBackwards compatibilityTechnology evolves faster each day. This is why, in most cases, our systems can benefit from newest improvements thanks to their backwards compatibility.
    motors and esc 150x150 - Features of our dronesMotors & ESCBrushless motors and Electronic Speed Controllers of our UAVs have been successfully tested and chosen for their reliability and efficiency.
    easy maintenance 150x150 - Features of our dronesEasy maintenanceThanks to the rational design of our systems, first level maintenance can be easily performed, even on the field with a toolbox.
    free software 150x150 - Features of our dronesFree softwareFlight planning and monitoring softwares needed to operate our UAVs are free.
    open source code 150x150 - Features of our dronesOpen source codeMost of the code used in our platforms is open source. It is regularly updated and can be customized by any software engineer.
    flight simulation 150x150 - Features of our dronesFlight simulationFlight planning softwares have a flight simulator module. This allows to simulate any operation at the office, allowing to make any necessary adjustment.
    flight testing 150x150 - Features of our dronesFlight testingEvery system leaving our workshop is tested in flight to ensure every feature good working state.

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