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The Kp index (or K-index) is used to quantify the geomagnetic disturbances of the earth.

It’s scale varies from zero to 9. A low Kp index means a calm geomagnetic activity while a high means a magnetic storm. The Kp Index is based on the maximum fluctuations of horizontal components observed on a magnetometer during an interval of 3 hours.

To be simpler, we consider that under the level of 4, the geomagnetic activity is “Quiet”, while at 4 it is “disturbed” (unsure/unsettled) and over 4 that we are under a magnetic storm.

The current GPS status is: gps kpstatus - GPS status

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The following graph displays in real time the actual estimation of the Kp index level and its evolution since two days.

gps kp 3d - GPS status

A geomagnetic storm, also called magnetic storm or solar storm is a sudden and intense disturbance of terrestrial magnetism that occurs due to the solar activity.

During this activity on the sun, huge amounts of material are expelled into the space.
These solar flares are accompanied by intense ultraviolet and X-rays as well by radio waves. To these are also added radiation beams of protons, electrons and other particles heavily loaded in energy.
When these issues take place towards the Earth, despite the great distance that separates us from the sun, they disturb our planet’s environment shortly after their birth.

When the solar activity causes a magnetic storm, the functionalities of the drone’s GPS could be disturbed or even become inoperative.

AltiGator provides you a real-time information about the current status of the solar magnetic activity. A message is displayed at the top right of our site in order to prevent you about any potential solar magnetic storm so you can plan the flight of your drone accordingly.

onyxscan advanced lidar systems lightweight efficient drone 728x90 1 - GPS status