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002 magnifier tool - Compare our dronesCompareEOSFOXHYDRAXENA
drone type - Compare our dronesDrone typeQuadrotor (4 motors)Octorotor (8 motors)Dodecarotor (12 motors)Octorotor (8 motors)
expand width - Compare our dronesDiagonal wheelbase51 cm96 cm91 cm65 cm
weight tool - Compare our dronesMax recommended payload (MRP)0.5 Kg5 Kg12 Kg2 Kg
mtow - Compare our dronesMax take-off weight (MTOW)1.8 Kg15 Kg24.5 Kg5.6 Kg
chronometer - Compare our dronesFlight time (empty)Up to 20 min (*)Up to 44 min (*)Up to 30 min (*)Up to 37 min (*)
power - Compare our dronesBatteries required1221
job - Compare our dronesParticularitiesTrainingEnduranceHeavy lifterCompact
(*)Flight time is influenced by many factors (temperature, air density, battery life, payload, wind, etc.)