Complete RTF solution for geomatics

altigator onyxstar xena geo geomatics photogrammetry mapping 3d model orthophoto sony rx 100 ii - XENA Geo

  • agisoft photoscan xena geo altigator photogrammetry 300x186 - XENA GeoWorking in the demanding GIS (Geographic Information Science) field involves a quest for precision, quality and accuracy.

    Gathering  geodata in a quick, reliable and efficient way is essential. Following the drone market rapid expansion, geomatics were soon added to the numerous operating fields.

    Ultra high resolution

    Thanks to its technical characteristics and performance, the XENA Geo is the ultimate tool for expert surveyors. It is a compact, precise and powerful system, built to collect accurate and useful aerial raw materials for GIS-related applications like photogrammetry, 3d modelling, mapping, etc.

    The XENA Geo is a professional, precise and versatile system that embeds ultra high resolution cameras like Sony RX 100 II (20.2 Mpx), Sony Alpha 6000 (24.3 Mpx) or the Sony A7 II (24.3 Mpx). The solution is delivered together with quality software for post-processing the data collected like Pix4Dmapper PRO and Agisoft PhotoScan.

    altigator xena geo photoscan agisoft mapping surveying 300x186 - XENA GeoUltra precise system

    XENA is a foldable and compact drone that is easily carried in its hard handy suitcase. It runs with only one battery, which greatly simplify operations on the field.

    In addition of being a reliable system, the XENA Geo can be equipped with Real Time Kinematic positioning system (RTK) as well as with a laser altimeter for following the ground at a precise height AGL (Above Ground Level) during the whole mission. In other words, it is a drone made for those willing the best.

    The XENA Geo is a made in Europe drone that fulfills all the necessary requirements for an aircraft operating in the European sky.

    altigator onyxstar xena geo geomatics photogrammetry mapping 3d model orthophoto sony rx 100 ii gimbal - XENA Geo

    • altigator pix4dmapper pro agriculture xena geo surveying photogrammetry 1 - XENA GeoSurveying
    • Digital cartography
    • Mapping
    • Photogrammetry
    • 3D modelling
    • Orthophotography
    • Urban and regional planning
    • Coastal zone management
    • Photomapping
    • Land management
    • Environmental monitoring

  • XENA Geowith Sony RX 100 IIwith Sony Alpha 6000with Sony A7 II
    chronometer - XENA GeoFlight timeUp to 32 minUp to 30 minUp to 27 min
    weight tool - XENA GeoTake-Off Weight4.3 Kg4.5 Kg4.9 Kg
    photo camera - XENA GeoGSD @ 40m AGL0.27 cm/pixel0.44 cm/pixel0.46 cm/pixel
    weather - XENA GeoMax continuous wind speed50 Km/h50 Km/h50 Km/h
    snowed mountains - XENA GeoMax operating altitude (AMSL)5000 m5000 m5000 m
    patent - XENA GeoDGLV certified (Belgium)Classe 1aClasse 1aClasse 1a
    patent - XENA GeoDGAC certified (France)S1, S2 and S3S1, S2 and S3S1, S2 and S3
    two settings cogwheels - XENA GeoFunctionnalities


      Application(s) (required) BroadcastCinemaHeavy sensor liftingLiDAR scanningPhotogrammetryPhotographyPrecision agricultureReal estateSearch & RescueSurveillance & SecurityTechnical inspectionsThermographyOthers