• While many sensors have already been modified to be more UAV-compatible like thermal, multispectral and RGB cameras, a vast majority of other sensors remain not primarily made to be lifted by drones.

    Indeed, some sensors have a great interest in being brought in the air by UAVs even if they are particularly rare and specific. In such cases a drone with just enough torque to carry a pocket camera is just not enough.

    This is exactly what the OnyxStar ATLAS was designed for.

    Heavy Lifter drone

    Designed for heavy payloads, the ATLAS is a powerful system able to carry up to 8 Kg of effective payload. It is a slow flight technology UAV, allowing it to have extended flight time compared to regular drones with same take-off weight. This means it is the perfect fit for application having a heavy payload to carry around in the air for a while. ATLAS provides enough space for large and uncommon sensors.

    Despite the heavy loads it has to lift, the ATLAS is a precise tool, greatly known for measuring operations in demanding environments like academic researches. It is an efficient solution that can perform fully automatic flights from take-off to landing included.

    Data feed

    ATLAS is a modular system that is set to cooperate the best with its payload. As a matter of fact, it is possible to provide some power and data feed from the ATLAS in order to allow the lifted equipment to work properly. For example, the UAV can provide necessary power but also useful data like classic GNSS position, RTK sub-centimetric position, height based on laser altimeter, etc. ATLAS is not only a carrying system but a UAV made to communicate with its payload.

    ATLAS is a robust and optimized carbon made drone having numerous features in order to make it an easy-to-fly and safe drone. These features like geo-fencing, failsafe, waypoint navigation, telemetry link, etc. are made to ease operators work and let them focus on their expertise.

    Thanks to the know-how and dedication of our team, ATLAS is capable of carrying many kind of sensors. Having the required skills and tools, we are able to design and manufacture quickly the necessary parts and implement the necessary features that allows you to obtain more in your work from your sensor.


      Application(s) (required) BroadcastCinemaHeavy sensor liftingLiDAR scanningPhotogrammetryPhotographyPrecision agricultureReal estateSearch & RescueSurveillance & SecurityTechnical inspectionsThermographyOthers