altigator onyxstar alg eos drone pilot learning apprendre a piloter drone - EOS
OnyxStar EOS made for drone pilot training

  • Compact and powerful, the EOS is a special drone from OnyxStar family.

    This professional system has been designed in accordance to robustness, quality, versatility and efficiency fundamentals. Therefore, the EOS is a solution that perfectly fits its job requirements.

    Advanced training system

    The EOS is dedicated to drone pilot training. It has high quality aluminium and carbon-made frame ensuring toughness and lightness.

    This system is equipped with the same electronics as the larger OnyxStar drones. This means the EOS benefits from the same features, sensors and processes. In other words, it works the same way as the HYDRA, the XENA, the FOX, etc.

    Thanks to that, training is made possible on a reliable and advanced system that makes the learning process easier and more efficient. The EOS is designed to have parts easily replaced if necessary. It is also a modular system like any other OnyxStar drone, which means it accepts upgrades in order to always remain up-to-date.

    Having cutting-edge flight electronics, the EOS is precise, reliable and efficient. Geo-fencing, automated flights, safety failsafes and automatic camera trigger are among the countless features this drone is capable of.

    Smart solution

    The EOS is compact, powerful and smooth for pilots. It allows to practice drone piloting exercises on a small drone. Easy-to-use, it ensures continuous learning and can be operated without assistance.

    Regular training is essential for every drone pilot. As a matter of fact, it is necessary to always be able to operate a drone without assistance (like GPS, automatic landing, etc.). This ensures pilots are able to correctly operate on their own during an emergency situation.

    Thanks to the EOS, this continuous training is performed on a separate dedicated system. In other words, the operational equipment is not involved as it is more risky and costly. It also allows to have somebody training while the regular drone is on mission.

    In the end, the EOS is a smart choice. It is a made in Europe drone that fulfills all necessary requirements for aircraft operating in the European sky.

    altigator onyxstar alg eos dual command drone pilot traning - EOS
    Dual command training with instructor

  • under construction

  • EOS
    drone type - EOSDrone typeQuadrotor (4 motors)
    expand width - EOSDiagonal wheelbase51 cm
    weight tool - EOSMax recommended payload (MRP)0.5 Kg
    mtow - EOSMax take-off weight (MTOW)1.8 Kg
    chronometer - EOSFlight time (empty)Up to 20 min (*)
    power - EOSRequired batteries1
    gnss - EOSGPS positioning Classic or RTK
    sensors - EOSRedundancyElectronics
    telemetry 2 - EOSTelemetryYes
    evolutif - EOSEvolutiveYes
    payload power - EOSPower feed to payloadOn request
    payload data - EOSData feed to payloadOn request
    weather - EOSMax continuous wind30 Km/h
    protection symbol of opened umbrella silhouette under raindrops - EOSWater resistanceLight rain
    patent - EOSDGTA (Belgium)Class 1a certified
    two settings cogwheels - EOSFunctionnalities of our systems
    (*)Flight time is influenced by many factors (temperature, air density, battery life, payload, wind, etc.)


      Application(s) (required) BroadcastCinemaHeavy sensor liftingLiDAR scanningPhotogrammetryPhotographyPrecision agricultureReal estateSearch & RescueSurveillance & SecurityTechnical inspectionsThermographyOthers