os 150x150 - UAVsThanks to the technological watch performed by our engineers, our UAVs are always offering the most advanced features. Indeed, our drones are professional solutions that are constantly improved by our R&D department.

Designed and manufactured in Europe, AltiGator drones are genuine aircrafts, built with the same dedication and precision required in the commercial aircraft industry. This explains why our UAVs are efficient, safe, multivalent and reliable tools.

Choosing a UAV implies to precisely define the required capacities for the expected operations. In addition to that, a certificate can be required by Civil Aviation Authorities in order to allow the commercial use of drones. Hopefully, AltiGator offers fully tested and approved systems.

atlas heavy lifter octorotor octocopter drone uav uas professional - UAVsATLAS

Heavy lifter octorotor

Thanks to its slow flight technology, the ATLAS is a heavy lifter system having great endurance capability, while remaining an octorotor drone.

Powerful and reliable, ATLAS is the most suitable UAV for applications requiring to safely lift specific unusual sensors.

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altigator onyxstar alg eos drone pilot learning apprendre a piloter drone 1 - UAVsEOS

Training quadrotor

Built for drone pilot learning, the EOS is a compact yet powerful drone. It is Equipped with the same electronics as larger OnyxStar solutions.

This means EOS has all necessary functionalities and allows to train as best as possible. It is a reliable system, perfect for continuous pilot training.

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fox xt endurance flight time drone uav uas rpas professional - UAVsFOX

Endurance octorotor

Thanks to its smart design, the FOX is a highly versatile system, that has great lifting capability and is also able to fly up to 44 min on a single battery set.

Efficient and athletic, FOX is the most suitable UAV for missions requiring long flight times in addition to short breaks between each battery set replacement.

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hydra heavy lifter uav drone uas rpas gros porteur compact - UAVsHYDRA

Heavy lifter dodecarotor

Thanks to the torque its 12 motors provide, the HYDRA is a powerful heavy lifter system. It is able to safely carry an effective payload of up to 12 Kg.

Effcient and trustworthy, HYDRA is the most suitable UAV for embedding extra heavy sensors and equipment like hyperspectal cameras or measuring devices.

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xena foldable compact drone uav uas rpas professional - UAVsXENA

Compact octorotor

Thanks to its smart conception, the XENA is a highly versatile, compact, powerful and foldable system operating with a single battery.

Efficient and reliable, XENA is the most suitable UAV for operators seeking a drone easy to store, to manage, to transport and to operate.

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custom made system sensor mount uav drone uas rpas sur mesure - UAVsCustom made

UAV systems and sensor mounts

Many sensors have a great interest into being lifted up in the air. Thanks to UAVs, this is something that can be achieved for any payload.

AltiGator has the know-how, skills and materials needed to give wings to your project, especially for uncommon sensors.

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