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Aerial drone services

altigator-drone-uav-data-acquisition-service-professional-belgiumAltiGator is an experienced operator of the commercial drone industry, active in the sector for a couple years already. Therefore, we own a large and diversified range of certified UAVs. They can be operated for numerous kind of drone aerial operations. As a matter of fact, they are certified in Belgium (class 1a) for high-risk missions, and also for most scenario of the French legislation.

Our systems are highly versatile, reliable and precise tools, able to embark a broad range of sensors (thermal cameras, multispectral, DSLR, infrared, LiDAR, etc).

In addition to standard sensors, our drones can easily lift any kind of payload of up to 12 Kg thanks to our heavy-lifter UAV and our ability to design and build the necessary mounts.

Thanks to our strong experience and our professional drone pilot team, AltiGator can perform aerial drone services. More than basic operations, missions performed by AltiGator are genuine data acquisitions made with UAVs.

Thanks to our know-how, flexibility, professionalism and the reliability of our systems, we are able to efficiently conduct a broad variety of operations.

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