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OnyxStar HYDRA equipped with hyperspectral camera for agriculture research

  • For years now manufacturers have been focusing on the miniaturization of their products. Thanks to that many cameras have been made extremely lightweight and compact while their quality and performance was enhanced.

    However, due to their technological requirements (several embedded sensors, central units, etc.), a lot of specific sensors are still large and heavy. In such cases a drone with just enough torque to carry a pocket camera is just not enough.

    This is exactly what the OnyxStar HYDRA was designed for.

    Heavy Lifter drone

    Designed for heavy payloads, the HYDRA has 12 motors, allowing it to carry up to 12 Kg of effective payload. In other words, as batteries are already counted, this value refers to sensors and mount only. Such characteristics allows many possibilities that may have seemed impossible in first place. Because of that, the HYDRA is a greatly appreciated tool for conducting supersized operations.

    Despite the heavy payloads it has to carry, the HYDRA is a precise tool, greatly known for measuring operations in demanding environments like academic researches. It is an efficient solution that can integrate any requested custom material.

    Redundant system

    Equipped with cutting-edge flight electronics, the HYDRA is a powerful, reliable and efficient tool. Thanks to the exigence and know-how in which it is manufactured, this drone has already been successfully performing risky operations by lifting high-value sensors of many kinds.

    Carbon made, the HYDRA includes numerous features making it an easy-to-fly and safe drone (Geo-fencing, redundancy, waypoint navigations, automatic take-off and landings, etc.).

    The HYDRA is capable of carrying many kind of sensors thanks to the know-how and dedication of OnyxStar team. Having the required skills and tools, we are able to design and manufacture quickly the necessary parts that will allow you to successfully conduct your project.

  • under construction

    drone typeDrone typeDodecarotor (12 motors)
    expand widthDiagonal wheelbase91 cm
    weight-toolMax recommended payload (MRP)12 Kg
    mtowMax take-off weight (MTOW)24.5 Kg
    chronometerFlight time (empty)Up to 20 min (*)
    powerRequired batteries2
    gnssGPS positioning Classic or RTK
    sensorsRedundancyMechanical & electronics
    telemetry 2TelemetryYes
    payload powerPower feed to payloadOn request
    payload dataData feed to payloadOn request
    weatherMax continuous wind45 Km/h
    protection-symbol-of-opened-umbrella-silhouette-under-raindropsWater resistanceLight rain
    two-settings-cogwheelsFunctionnalities of our systems
    (*)Flight time is influenced by many factors (temperature, air density, battery life, payload, wind, etc.)


    Application(s) (required)
    BroadcastCinemaHeavy sensor liftingLiDAR scanningPhotogrammetryPhotographyPrecision agricultureReal estateSearch & RescueSurveillance & SecurityTechnical inspectionsThermographyOthers