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XENA Rescue

Complete RTF solution for rescue support


  • While saving lives every second is crucial. This is why having a clear and complete overview of a situation allows to take the most appropriate decisions in terms of materials and human factor needed.

    Because they can easily lift day cameras with powerful zooms as well as infrared ones, drones have rapidly been implemented by public safety professionals. Indeed, they provide useful real-time visual information at reasonable cost.onyxstar_drone_uav_sar_sea_rescue_migrants_night_boat_vision_thermal

    360° aerial viewpoint

    Thanks to its technical characteristics and performance, the XENA Rescue is the ultimate tool for performing search and rescue missions. As a compact and powerful system, it was designed to operate in demanding weather conditions. Indeed, it has been successfully tested under a continuous wind of 30 Km/h average.

    The XENA Rescue is a professional, robust and versatile system, embedding a Sony HD (RGB  camera) and a FLIR Vue Pro (infrared camera) on a 2-axis gimbal, offering both day and night vision. With a powerful zoom (up to 30x), it allows to identify subjects at a distance and operates even in low visibility conditions. In other worlds, it provides useful information about a situation and its surroundings, allowing to quickly take the best decisions during rescue operations.

    onyxstar_drone_uav_uas_xena-8f_sar_search_rescue_mountain_montagne_recherche_sauvetageEfficient and poweful system

    XENA is a foldable and compact drone that is easily carried in its hard suitcase. It runs with only one battery, which greatly simplify missions on the field.

    The XENA Rescue is a compact and precise system, that brings a clear advantage in many SAR operations like mountain, sea or any post-disaster rescue. It has been designed to be resistant while providing quality live video stream to the ground station.

    The XENA Rescue is a made in Europe drone that fulfills all the necessary requirements for an aircraft operating in the European sky.

  • XENA Rescue
    chronometerFlight timeUp to 32 min
    weight-toolTake-Off Weight4.3 Kg
    weatherMax continuous wind speed50 Km/h
    snowed-mountainsMax operating altitude (AMSL)5000 m
    patentDGLV certified (Belgium)Classe 1a
    patentDGAC certified (France)S1, S2 and S3


    Application(s) (required)
    BroadcastCinemaHeavy sensor liftingLiDAR scanningPhotogrammetryPhotographyPrecision agricultureReal estateSearch & RescueSurveillance & SecurityTechnical inspectionsThermographyOthers