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Drones in Architecture and Civil Engineering, the UAV advantages

Drones in architecture and civil engineeringDrone aerial photography is one of the best ways to monitor a construction site, a building, civil engineering projects, a work of art, etc.

A drone survey will provide easily and rapidly an aerial overview that will greatly  help project managers in order to, among others:

  • study the site before the operations start
  • monitor and control the evolution of the activities and proceedings
  • present an overview of a site
  • check the quality of the work
  • follow the deadlines in relation with the work progress
  • monitor the compliance of the works with the specifications
  • promote their know-how, skills and knowledge for future projects
  • bring out and underscore the quality of the work




Thanks to the multitude of functionalities that benefit our drones, it is for instance possible to take pictures in a fully automatic mode. You could also precisely position the aircraft to the selected area (using the Waypoint and/or position hold modes).

This will allow the UAV to get aerial shots from exactly the same perspective (GPS coordinates, altitude, direction and slope of the camera) in order to monitor the evolution of an object, a place, a building, a site or a structure over the time.

High technology, precision, adaptability, endurance and robustness are some of the numerous Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) qualities explaining why drones are so important in improving the working quality in demanding sectors like architecture and civil engineering.


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