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MikroKopter aerial video and aerial photography aircrafts
Kits and ready to fly MikroKopters

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MikroKopter, OnyxStar, Aero-Tek, Droidworx, ArduPilot, ArduCopter drones

On AltiGator you'll find everything you need to build your MikroKopter, ArduCopter and other systems based drones as countless accessories to enhance their possibilities.
We also provide already build and tested drones on demand and tailored to your needs. This way you'll just have to switch on and fly.
Beside our specialized advice and expertise, you'll find on our on-line store everything you need for your own project:

  • Spare parts
  • Kits to build, self assembly kits
  • Ready to fly aircrafts
  • A multitude of accessories

MikroKopter and ArduCopter are today among the best solutions for aerial photography and video but also for inspection as well as for FPV flying.

Interesting highlights of our drones:

  • GPS position hold
  • Back to take-off point navigation
  • WayPoints navigation
  • Points Of Interest navigation
  • Automatic Pan and Tilt camera compensation

We can build any specific MikroKopter, OnyxStar, Aero-Tek or Droidworx drone that you may wish in order to perfectly fit to your own requirements.

We sell and ship worldwide.

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MikroKopter, OnyxStar, Aero-Tek, Droidworx, drones

Monthly Specials For April

Connector Adapter (GB -> EU)
Connector Adapter (GB -> EU)
4,95€  2,47€
Save: 2,48€
AD6-HLE Droidworx Heavy Lift Extended V3
AD6-HLE Droidworx Heavy Lift Extended V3
832,00€  685,60€
Save: 146,40€
Propellers protection bag
Propellers protection bag
39,00€  29,25€
Save: 9,75€

ICopter - UFO - Mode 1
ICopter - UFO - Mode 1
149,95€  119,96€
Save: 29,99€
ICopter - UFO - Mode 2
ICopter - UFO - Mode 2
149,95€  119,96€
Save: 29,99€
PRO AV200 Gimbal - PhotoHigher camera mount
PRO AV200 Gimbal - PhotoHigher camera mount
899,43€  869,09€
Save: 30,33€

OnyxStar high end frames for powerful applications