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Aerial surveillance with infrared and...

Aerial surveillance with infrared and HD video cameras with zoom
The aerial drone observation repeatedly requires a great camera-related flexibility. For many reasons, which vary according to the application area, it is frequently impossible to get close enough to the subject to observe. Day and night RPAS surveillance missions also require a great discretion. Using a thermal camera and a powerful zoom ar [...]

Technology for agriculture

Technology for agriculture
In a time when world trade is globalized and increasingly interdependent, in a world in which economic tissues interact and correlate, activities such as agriculture have more and more challenges to face. The need of combining biological expertise with multiple techniques is joined to the cultural and socio-economic knowledge already required [...]

Embedded LIDAR technology on OnyxStar...

Embedded LIDAR technology on OnyxStar FOX-C8-HD drone
Light Detection and Ranging (more commonly called LIDAR) is a laser-based remote sensing technology. It is widely used in the domain of geographical information system (GIS) for surveying and mapping natural resources and infrastructures. LIDAR is well known in the domain of producing high-resolution maps in remote sensing, atmospheric sensin [...]