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Features of our drones

 rt_f Delivered ready-to-fly, our drones are designed to cover a wide range of application areas.
tow_pl Payloads are ranging from 300 grams to 12 kg for a total take-off weight always below 25 kg.
w Thanks to the protection of the embedded sensors, They can easily fly even when in strong wind conditions.

The frame or the main components are made of carbon fiber, which is widely used in aerospace industry for its characteristics such as:

– Physical strength, robustness and light weight;
– Good vibration damping;
– High dimensional stability 

 Finally, the features and functionalities made available -in standard or optional- have been developed to:


  • Safe and easy flight operations
  • Emergency FailSafe recovery
  • Flight data recording
  • Redundant flight control system
  • Multiple FailSafe positions
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Showing limits of the flight envelope
  • Direction of the drone for Coming Home
  • CareFree mode for beginners
  • Instructor and trainee piloting systems
  • Low-stress and panic-free flying
  • Advanced Global Positioning System
  • Voice announcement and loggings of the telemetry data
  • Telemetry on PC or tablet
  • Displayed flight resctriction zones

Simplified Shooting

  • Automatic camera compensation
  • Flexible auto-trigger
  • Automatic calculation of the image overlap
  • Automatic triggering by the distance in the Waypoints settings
  • Point Of Interest (POI)
  • Automatic panoramas
  • Inverted panoramas
  • Display trigger points on a map
  • Trigger counter (ShutterCounter) 
  • Simplified mapping
  • Live video downlink to the ground
  • Sony cameras control
  • Save a tracking shot
  • Online map
  • Dynamic Position Hold

Automated Flight

  • GPS flight assistance and auto-pilot
  • Automatic take-off and landing
  • Waypoints flying
  • Relative Waypoints 
  • Click and Fly: single point navigation
  • Coming Home
  • Position Hold
  • Altitude Hold
  • Dynamic Position Hold
  • Position Save
  • Points of Interest (POI) and 3D Waypoints
  • Long distance Waypoints flying
  • Boat mode: advanced feature

European Standards

  • Electronics Made in Germany
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Easy maintenance and rational design
  • Modular infrastructure
  • Advanced 32-bit ARM and AVR central processors
  • Nest-generation brushless motors controllers
  • Cutting-edge nanoscale sensors
  • State-of-the-art motors
  • Free software
  • Open source code
  • Open interface
  • Long flight times
  • Flight simulation integrated in the system