Aerial photography with a drone for the real estate market

In the highly competitive real estate market, aerial photography is the best method to get an attractive overview of a property by highlighting it in relation to its environment. In a more general way, having astonishing pictures is a key element for improving the quality of the sales process.

Indeed, there is nothing better than a view from above a property to promote, placing it in its context and emphasizing its advantages within its surroundings, location, proportions, orientation and the elements that are close to it (buildings, houses, roads, woods, car parks, markets, etc) as buying a property is not only about purchasing the building itself but also taking benefit of the extras in reach.

In the past, such aerial pictures could only be obtained by the use of expensive methods (helicopters or aircrafts). Only a few high standing properties could afford to record such materials as costs were quite inaccessible for most professionals of the real estate market.

Hopefully, as mentioned above, this is definitely part of the past.

Nowadays, a drone is a cost-saving, wonderful, easy-to-use and accessible tool allowing to shot breathtaking pictures and other recordings from which the real estate market can take a lot of advantages. 

These aerial photos and movies are taken at low altitude and thanks to functionalities like altitude and position hold or waypoints navigation, their implementation is quick and greatly simplified.

The ability to automatically orient the camera lens towards the subject makes these images easy and rapid to achieve.

As seen on the pictures above, a picture taken from a UAV worths a thousand word that can be paired perfectly with the real estate agent support.

Each material provided by a drone improves the selling success rates dramatically by showing potential customers a great overview of the property with appealing pictures and extraordinary short-clips.

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