Professional drone pilot training

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AltiGator has been training UAV pilots since 2010

graduate student avatar 2 - Professional drone pilot trainingDrones are aircraft without pilot on board. However they still need to integrate and share airspace. Even if drones have numerous failsafes, safety and piloting assistance features, drone operators need to have manual piloting skills. This is mandatory.

Because it is difficult to foresee the unpredictable, the human factor and anticipation will always make the difference. Combining drone and pilot capabilities leads to perfectly managed missions.

This is why several countries worldwide have been implementing drone pilot licenses for the past years. This license certifies that a pilot is skilled enough to maintain a high safety level when operating, even when unexpected events occur (emergency traffic, loss of GPS signal, power loss, etc.).

AltiGator team consists of drone pilots having a RPL class 1 license including an instructor certified by the Belgian Aviation Authorities (DGTA / DGLV). Thanks to that, we are skilled to give you a complete and adapted quality training.

The UAV pilot training provided follows the Belgian canvas which is recognized worldwide for its efficiency and exigency. It includes both theoretical and practical learning.

Theory aims at providing all the necessary knowledge for perfect flight management. In addition to that, mission preparation phase is a big topic covered (weather, cartography, etc.) as well as system handling and maintenance.

altigator international drone uav rpas training - Professional drone pilot training

Practical training is given on a small drone having the same electronics as the operational ones. Completing a series of exercises as well as applying theoretical concepts learned allows getting familiar with concretely operating a UAV in its environment and properly react.

A transition phase is also planned in order to switch from the small drone to the operational one. This phase allows learning how to pilot a bigger enhanced system so that you will be able to conduct missions on your own following your training.

Our instructors tips, experience and professionalism are the keys to acquire the right reactions and mindset implied by drone pilot operations responsibility.

AltiGator provides drone piloting training at its location in Belgium. It can also be given at the place of your choice.

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