Pythagoras – a powerful CAD & GIS software

pythagoras gis sig software - Pythagoras - a powerful CAD & GIS softwarePythagoras software is designed to provide solutions for Surveying, Infrastructure, Construction, Agriculture and Dredging in an all-in-one package truly “360° Compatible”.


Land Surveying

Surveying has evolved from the classical total station job to a survey where different new instruments find their place.
Total stations, GPS instruments, laser scanners, drones, lidar, mobile mapping units and single- and multi beam systems assist the surveyor to successfully finalize all projects in different industries.
Pythagoras helps surveyors to offer high-end services to architects and land managers in mining, dredging, agriculture and construction sectors, etc. Combining all types of data in one project drawing and having easy-to-use drawing and calculation tools allows to deliver an accurate, complete and high-quality project plan.


The agriculture industry has known a huge revolution the last decade.
Surveying instruments, drones and machine control systems have found their place in the daily farming and crop monitoring process.
Pythagoras Software gives users the opportunity to import and analyse data and offers easy design tools to increase their revenue.
Soils analysis, crop monitoring, irrigation and growth management, damage detection and creating machine control input are some of the season-bound tasks that Pythagoras can handle.
Import GPS data and UAV images allows to create 3D models and maps in order to perfectly plan the work process in an all-in-one solution.


Mine and stockpile management has become more demanding then it has ever been.
Daily reports force surveyors to use new systems like GPS, total stations, drones and laser scanners to deliver real-time data.
Pythagoras helps to quickly and accurately handle all these data sets and convert them into 3D models, excavation reports, contour lines, profiles and cross sections.

Stockpiles, open mines and even waste sites can be managed with ease. Security, efficiency and revenue optimization are key factors in this process.
Using Pythagoras as your assistant, planning your workflow becomes straightforward and simple.

point cloud - Pythagoras - a powerful CAD & GIS software


UAVs are taking their place in the surveying, agriculture and mining industries.
Unmanned aerial vehicles produce huge amounts of data, like orthophotos and more important point clouds.
Pythagoras converts, imports and handles these big-data files with ease.
Pythagoras allows you to move around in your project and lets you create points, lines and polygons in a user-friendly manner. The powerful DTM tools convert your UAV point cloud into a digital terrain model, allowing volumes, profiles, reports and contour lines to be created.
Do you need to combine with other data? No problem, just import it in the same drawing. This makes Pythagoras the perfect assistant to handle all your UAV data.


  • Supporting a variety of import formats, which form the start of any project
  • Providing incredibly powerful drawing and calculation tools
  • Allowing to handle all data types
  • Transforming them into a complete project plan
  • A lot of standard export formats ensure the compatibility with all other types of soft- and hardware.

And more:

  • Interactive 3D drawing environment with point cloud functionality
  • Import data coming from GPS and TPS instruments
  • Calculate terrain models, profiles, contour lines and volumes with ease
  • Extensive road design functions
  • Add thematics and spatial analyzis to your project
  • Import web services and databases




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