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Features: drone automated flight

gnss-receiver-ppk-post-processed-kinematicsGNSS navigationThanks to several positioning system available (GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidu, etc.), our UAVs perform GNSS-assisted missions.
save-a-tracking-shotWaypoint flyingThe most common operation performed with UAVs depends on 3D coordinates (longitude, latitude and altitude).
automatic-landing-and-take-offAuto take-off &
Our systems can perform fully automated flights including take-off and landing.
click-and-flyClick & FlyThe system can be sent to a specific location by a simple click on a tablet or a computer.
gnss-receiver-ppk-post-processed-kinematicsReal-Time Kinematics (RTK) [option]When absolute precision and accuracy matters during flight, our systems have the possibility to offer RTK level positioning information.
point-of-interest-navigationPOI navigationFor missions requiring to point at targets with a sensor, mission planning system allows to automatically fulfill this requirement.
easy-mapping-autogridAutogridAmong the automated flights that can be planned, autogrid and circles are available options.
altitude-holdTerrain following [option]For operations requiring to follow the ground level, our systems can be equipped with a precision laser altimeter.
terrain-followingAltitude holdThis flight mode is designed for complex missions requiring altitude hold assistance.
take-off-from-boat-uavBoat mode [advanced]This is an advanced feature that allows the pilot to initialize the solid state gyroscopes for safe flight even when the drone is resting on a moving boat or platform.

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