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Features: drone European standards

high-end-electronicsHigh-end electronicsEmbedded flight and navigation electronics are among the best currently available. Offering countless useful features, it has been successfully tested and validated by our pilots.
nanoscale-sensorNano-scale sensorsThe high-end embedded electronics of our systems includes nano-scale sensors including magnetometers, barometers, accelerometers, etc.
modular-systemModular infrastructureOur systems are made to be lasting investments. Therefore, they can be upgraded with additional modules at a later time of first delivery.
rational-designRational designFor efficiency, reliability and safety reasons, our UAVs benefit from rational design. In other words, they are built to be sustainable equipment.
In addition to the redundancy of the sensors, our systems can be equipped with redundant electronics for safety enhancement.
backwards-compatibilityBackwards compatibilityTechnology evolves faster each day. This is why, in most cases, our systems can benefit from newest improvements thanks to their backwards compatibility.
motors-and-escMotors & ESCBrushless motors and Electronic Speed Controllers of our UAVs have been successfully tested and chosen for their reliability and efficiency.
easy-maintenanceEasy maintenanceThanks to the rational design of our systems, first level maintenance can be easily performed, even on the field with a toolbox.
free-softwareFree softwareFlight planning and monitoring softwares needed to operate our UAVs are free.
open-source-codeOpen source codeMost of the code used in our platforms is open source. It is regularly updated and can be customized by any software engineer.
flight-simulationFlight simulationFlight planning softwares have a flight simulator module. This allows to simulate any operation at the office, allowing to make any necessary adjustment.
flight-testingFlight testingEvery system leaving our workshop is tested in flight to ensure every feature good working state.

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