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Drones: the new tool used by Police f...

Drones: the new tool used by Police forces
  Over the time, the Police forces’ needs have evolved to adapt to the variety of different situations that may arise on the field. Drones are decidedly one of the best new tools made available to the Police forces. Only a few years ago, when drones appeared on the market, the Police forces leaders still did not imagine the added [...]

A drone to rescue immigrants

A drone to rescue immigrants
Night vision drone launched from a boat A dangerous sea crossing at night The road of immigrants to Western Europe includes most of the time crossing the Aegean Sea between Turkey and Greece. This crossing is probably the most dangerous stage of the long refugees trek and the growing number of victims, regularly reported by the medias, rein [...]

Aerial UAV surveillance with infrared...

Drone aerial surveillance with infrared and HD video cameras with zoom
Drone for inspection and security surveillance with 30X zoom and night vision The aerial drone observation repeatedly requires a great camera-related flexibility. For many reasons, which vary according to the application area, it is frequently impossible when flying with a drone to get close enough to the subject to observe. Day and night UAV [...]