Aerial UAV surveillance with infrared and HD video cameras with zoom

Drone aerial surveillance with infrared and HD video cameras with zoom
FOX C8 XT hd camera 30x infrared thermal camera uav drone rpas1 - Aerial UAV surveillance with infrared and HD video cameras with zoom
Drone for inspection and security surveillance with 30X zoom and night vision

The aerial drone observation repeatedly requires a great camera-related flexibility.

For many reasons, which vary according to the application area, it is frequently impossible when flying with a drone to get close enough to the subject to observe.

Day and night UAV-RPAS surveillance missions also require a great discretion.

Using a thermal camera for night vision and a powerful zoom are the key elements for successful drone observation operations.

Surveillance drone

The surveillance drone OnyxStar FOX-C8 XT Observer was designed to perfectly fulfill these remote monitoring missions that can only be performed by UAV, RPAS drones.

The optical zoom (30X) of the HD Sony FCB EV7500 camera embedded on the drone, can clearly visualize an object located at more than one or two kilometers from the drone.


Drone thermal view e - Aerial UAV surveillance with infrared and HD video cameras with zoom
Boat terminal inspection and security surveillance by drone with HD and night vision thermal infrared camera

Switching to the infrared camera FLIR Quark 2/640 is instantly performed remotely by the drone pilot or the operator of the camera, and allows to combines HD color vision to thermal in a swiveling 360° gimbal.

The 8X digital zoom of the thermal camera and the choice of colors (allowing to better highlight the temperature differences) are both remotely controlled from the ground.

Images can be stored on-board, on the drone, for later analysis and are re-transmitted to the ground in real time and without latency.


Stabilized gimbal for a better UAV monitoring

The gyrostabilization of the gimbal, combined with the smoothness and regularity of the drone’s flight, allow getting images and footage that are stable enough for monitoring, even at full zoom.

The gimbal maintains its orientation and inclination, no matter what the movements of the aircraft are. The navigation and maneuvers of the drone do not disturb the observer’s task.

Automatic drone navigation

The observation drone OnyxStar FOX-C8 XT Observer notably allows to navigate automatically by “Waypoints” previously introduced on a map via a desktop computer or a tablet.
Adding Waypoints is done by clicking on the map and the navigation is stored in the memory of the drone.


The Waypoints can be combined to one or more Points Of Interrest (POI), defined in the navigation, in order to better target the subject to observe.


Launching the navigation is easy via the radio-control, so using a computer or a tablet on the field is not necessary and the UAV is in the air within a few minutes.

Several navigation flight plans can be prerecorded in the memory of the drone, in order to be selected via the remote control in the field of operations, before or during the flight.


Drone observes autonomously with Position Hold and Altitude Hold

The Position Hold, combined to the Altitude Hold are activated by the pilot and make possible to instantly place and lock the drone on a 3-dimension position in the air.

The drone’s pilot or the gimbal’s operator can then control the cameras as required and with high precision, while the UAV is stabilized on a position which can be changed at any time during the observation flight.

The drone will move automatically to the new position and will remain there until a further action of the pilot.


The surveillance drone areas of application

The areas of application of the OnyxStar FOX-C8 XT Observer remotely piloted aircraft system are wide ranging:

  • Properties surveillance
  • Public demonstrations and events
  • Security of sensitive installations:
    • Industry
    • Oil and gas pipelines, etc.
    • Railroads
    • Power generation sites
    • Loading/unloading terminals
    • Warehouses
  • Public safety and law enforcement
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Public events surveillance
  • Fire fighting
  • Search & Rescue
  • Forest and nature reserves monitoring
  • Observing livestock and wild animals


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thermal camera surveillance drone - Aerial UAV surveillance with infrared and HD video cameras with zoom




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