AltiGator – First Belgian drone manufacturer with solutions certified by the DGLV

The regulation allowing the commercial exploitation of drones in Belgium was released in the late April 2016. Due to specific articles contained in this law, AltiGator became the first Belgian multirotor manufacturer with drones certified by the DGLV (National Civil Aviation Authorities of Belgium).

After two years of elaboration, the civil drone regulation for commercial use of UAVs in Belgium was officially published on April 15th. It took officially effect on April 25th.dgta dglv belgique belgium belgie drone homologue approved certified uav uas - AltiGator - First Belgian drone manufacturer with solutions certified by the DGLV

In addition to conditions concerning the drone pilote licence and the commercial use of drones, the law contains all the elements for drone certification. This aims at ensuring that the drones will be operated by trained professionals that are flying with systems approved by the National Civil Aviation Authorities of Belgium (DGLV) for safety reasons.


AltiGator, pionnier of the civil drone industry

As a Belgian based company active in the UAV industry since 2011, AltiGator is among the first drone manufacturers to have ever produce certified UAVs for the French sky. Therefore AltiGator has already several years of precious experience in the manufacture of drones for civil applications.

onyxstar hydra 12 12kg payload heavy lifter lift drone uas uav 300x200 - AltiGator - First Belgian drone manufacturer with solutions certified by the DGLVThese certificates obtained from the French National Civil Aviation Authorities already permitted some Belgian operated to fly their AltiGator drones in Belgian thanks to special authorizations from the DGLV like the SPW (Public Organization of Wallonia) and the ILVO (Research Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries of Flanders).

In the light of the provisions from the Belgian regulation, all AltiGator drones already approved for the French sky are automatically certified for commercial use in the Belgian one. This is why AltiGator is, from now on, the first UAV manufacturer ever certified by the DGLV.


Launch of drone commercial use

Choosing an AltiGator drone allows to be directly operational as soon as the drone licence is obtained. All the possibilities these powerful and reliable solutions can offer are now available in Belgium (aerial thermography, aerial spectrography, aerial photography, aerial photogrammetry, aerial laser scanning, LIDAR, industrial monitoring, aerial sruveillance, etc.).onyxstar fox c8 hd lidar aerial laser scanning drone uav uas 3 - AltiGator - First Belgian drone manufacturer with solutions certified by the DGLV

Quality, efficiency and reliability of AltiGator systems have been demonstrated for years already. This explains why so many professionals worldwide are relying on AltiGator drones for their applications (INRA, IRSTEA, Norwegian Sea Rescue Society, L’Avion Jaune, Aberystwyth University, Hellenic Rescue Team, Gävle University, National Research Institute of Quebec, etc.).

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