HYDRA-12, the Heavy lifter multirotor UAV

Unmanned Aircraft Systems are modern tools offering endless possibilities.

This is asserted by the quick development together with their increasing presence for professional tasks and on media. The core interest of commercial drones is their lifting ability. In other words, being able to carry sensors in the air, in order to easily perform measurements and recordings, is making UAS successful.

Currently, the most frequently embedded systems on drones are lightweight and compact cameras as it can be regularly seen.

However, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles potential is much wider than that. Indeed, several other sensors (Hyperspectral cameras, LiDAR, Speed cameras, etc.) also have a great interest in being lifted. These systems are generally bigger and heavier than regular retail cameras. This can be explained by the complex and precise elements inside that require powerful and heavy data processing units.

IMG 1216 v2 1024x683 - HYDRA-12, the Heavy lifter multirotor UAV

This is where the OnyxStar HYDRA-12 intervenes.

AltiGator designed this drone as the ready-to-fly professional solution lifting the heaviest payload for a multirotor.

From a technical point of view from the aircraft industry, the payload value includes the weight of both fuel and carried elements. Contrary to heat engine aircrafts, Multirotors are powered by electric energy provided by lithium batteries whose weight doesn’t decrease while flying.

AltiGator is aware that a UAS operator wants to know the real performance of the tool at his disposal. This is why we decided to show our drones’ capabilities in a different way.

Therefore, instead of declaring that the OnyxStar HYDRA-12 can lift 16 Kg of payload, AltiGator prefers pointing out the fact that our solution carries 12 Kg of effective payload. This only includes sensors and gimbal.

Thanks to this outstanding qualities, the OnyxStar HYDRA-12 is THE heavy lift multirotor. This drone, designed and manufactured in Belgium, in the centre of Europe, is able to lift many kind of sensors since AltiGator possesses the know-how to integrates the tools you really need to use.

If your project implies lifting heavy sensors and you are looking for a powerful, efficient and robust UAV capable of doing so, then our HYDRA-12 will bring the heavy lift solution for all your requirements.

Contact us in order to launch your project together.