Features: drone simplified shooting

easy mapping autogrid 150x150 - Features: drone simplified shootingEasy mappingThanks to the user friendly flight planning software, mapping missions can be quickly and automatically built. It is made based on several features including altitude, overlap, ground sample distance (GSD) needed, etc.
geotagging 1 150x150 - Features: drone simplified shootingGeotaggingIn order to make post-processing in photogrammetry software faster, geotagging of images based for missions made with automatic trigger is available.
rtk rpk re post processed kinematics 150x150 - Features: drone simplified shootingPost-Processed Kinematics (PPK) [option]For applications requiring high accuracy and precision, our systems can be equipped with high-end GNSS receivers that enhance geotagging precision.
acc - Features: drone simplified shootingCamera stabilizationDepending on the needs, cameras and sensors delivered with our systems can benefit from 1, 2 or 3-axis camera stabilization and control.
sensor trigger remote 150x150 - Features: drone simplified shootingSensor triggerIn addition to camera trigger, it is possible to trigger a broad kind of sensor thanks to the available PWM ouputs.
telemetry info picture taken 150x150 - Features: drone simplified shootingTelemetry infoLocation of camera trigger is indicated on the telemetry map. It allows to monitor that the mission is going according to the plan.
automatic trigger 150x150 - Features: drone simplified shootingAutotriggerFor most common uses, our systems are configured for automatic triggering of pictures. This allows to greatly simplify mapping missions.
point of interest navigation 150x150 - Features: drone simplified shootingPOI navigationFor missions requiring to point at targets with a sensor, mission planning system allows to automatically fulfill this requirement.
live video link 150x150 - Features: drone simplified shootingLive video link [option]In order to monitor the mission and UAV environment during the flight, HD live video link is available.
geotagging 150x150 - Features: drone simplified shootingDynamic position holdAmong the numerous flight modes and features, our systems can be set in dynamic position hold, meaning it keeps a 3D position that can be manually updated by the UAV pilot.
save a tracking shot 150x150 - Features: drone simplified shootingSave a tracking shotFor specific operations requiring to focus on special areas, a tracking shot performed manually can be saved in-flight for further repetition of the mission.
camera control 150x150 - Features: drone simplified shootingCamera controlIn addition to camera trigger, it is also possible to control the zoom and switch to video recording depending on the camera model embedded.

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