Drone security features

telemetry 150x150 - Drone security featuresLive telemetryComplete and realtime data are available for instant monitoring. It can be followed thanks to a tablet or computer.
encryption 150x150 - Drone security featuresEncryption
Discretion and data protection can be necessary. In such case, it is possible to benefit from encrypted data like for the video link.
gnss receiver 150x150 - Drone security featuresNextgen GNSSThanks to GNSS receivers integrating latest positioning systems like Galileo, our systems have reliable, high speed and strong satellite link. This ensures quality positioning information at all time.
alerts 150x150 - Drone security featuresAlertsA range of alerts helps the pilot by warning him about important matters like altitude limits, battery level, etc.
come back home 150x150 - Drone security featuresBack homeIf necessary, the UAV can be called back to its starting position by using the back home feature.
emergency landing spot 150x150 - Drone security featuresEmergency landing spotsIn case the UAV is far away and an emergency landing is necessary, it lands to a known and safe location, as defined prior to departure.
geofencing 150x150 - Drone security featuresGeofencingAirspace is divided and shared. Geofencing enforces the respect of this by setting a virtual cage in which the system is allowed to fly. Indeed, it keeps the system from exiting the specific operational airspace.
forbidden flight area 150x150 - Drone security featuresForbidden flight zone displayAirspace is strictly codified. This is why getting information related to forbidden flight zones is essential.
emergency failsafe 150x150 - Drone security featuresEmergency failsafe recoveryIn case battery drops to a critical limit or contact is lost with the UAV, emergency failsafe procedures will be executed. They allow to ensure system's integrity automatically like by performing automatic emergency landings.
data logging 150x150 - Drone security featuresFlight data loggingFor post-flight analysis purposes, system's data are stored internally, on a microSD card. Logged in high frequency, these data contains relevant information including position, height, speed, voltage, attitude, flight mode, current, temperature, pilot inputs, IMU values, etc. Thanks to this, it is possible to make and verify hypothesis.
mechanical redundancy 150x150 - Drone security featuresMechanical redundancyOur systems are built in the way that single failures are managed.
flight controller redundancy 150x150 - Drone security featuresRedundant flight control [option]For safety enhancement, our UAVs can be equipped with a second independent flight control board.
holding position 150x150 - Drone security featuresHold positionOur systems can fly autonomously, while maintaining dynamic position and altitude. It gives the pilot time to think about next steps of his mission or to monitor his environment.
dual command 150x150 - Drone security featuresDual commandFor training purposes, our UAVs can be flown in double command, allowing a trainee and an instructor to practice safely.
carefree 150x150 - Drone security featuresCarefreeIf necessary, Carefree features can be activated. It makes the system flies in Pilot point of view, meaning it moves depending on the pilot position.

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